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Modern Coroner Case Management

Coroners and medical examiners (medicolegal death investigators) require specialized software to perform death investigations, document the conclusions and determinations of the cause of death, and also the circumstances that contributed to that death.

Web Based Coroner Case Management Software

Web based coroner case management software, when designed correctly, enables coroners and medical examiners to document their cases from virtually anywhere they can connect to the internet. This includes using their phones, notepads, ipads, and other mobile devices.

Web Based Coroner Case Management Security

As with all solid security practices online, the following recommendations should be essential to any web based coroner case management system:

What Web Based Coroner Case Management System Checks All The Boxes?

You can compare web based coroner case management systems that have all of the features that your agency requires. There a number of popular coroner case management systems available. However, bias or not, DATABUTION checks all of the boxes above. Plus, grant or no grant, it's afforable.